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December 4, 2022

A short Video about “How to Produce Joy during Exercise?”
To exercise for is a big Joy. First Joy here is Joy to be Alive. Feel your Body, feel yourself alive is such Joy. When you exercise you don’t feel Fun, you don’t feel Joy, you will feel bored. And then, you don’t want to continue. That’s why We do Exercise, We Smile a lot. Nourish your Smile for Yourself, for your Body, for your Ancestors, and for the Earth. Smiling here is not just you have to Smile, but is the practice. You smile to yourself, smile to your 5-year-old Self. Smiling here is also the practice to heal Yourself.
Hopefully this can inspire you to enjoy Qigong Exercise daily.

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Video recorded, edited, and Performed by Br. Insight (Thich Man Tue).

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🔔 Health disclaimer: Please consult your physician before doing any of these exercises.

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