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September 18, 2022

Rest. Recover. Rejuvenate. ⁠⁠Listen to your body. Listen to your heart. Take time to heal. Take time to fill the depleted parts of yourself.⁠⁠Do intentional rest. I'm not talking about when you absent-mindedly watch one more episode on Netflix while you scroll through social media and tell yourself you'll stop being lazy after this one. Or when you fall asleep while trying to read another chapter of your textbook. That's not rest.⁠⁠Rest. ⁠Decide you want to enjoy this Netflix movie. Make yourself popcorn and put aside other tasks. ⁠Choose to indulge in a fun read. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage to sip on.⁠Schedule yourself a nap. Sink into bed and snuggle under your favorite blanket.⁠⁠Rest so you have the energy to tackle mountains.⁠⁠#RiseOverMountains
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