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About Nervous System + Trauma Support
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August 23, 2022

Those who show up who feel most frustrating, irritating, and hurtful are the ones who were called forth on your highest behalf. They’re simply still mirroring your unmet needs to help show you how you can more deeply love yourself - they’re the portal into your deeper healing, internal shifts, and conscious completion with less than your divinity by showing you a part of you might still be in that space and thats ok, the subconscious is a vast storehouse of memories, beliefs and patterns, but now it’s time for you to receive more and to keep rising. Allow everything that you feel doesn’t serve you to regrant you focus as to your purest desires. Allow those who trigger within you fear, pain, density, and sorrow, to show you that you no longer wish to remain in internal suffering and you now remember your divine birthright to be set free forever more: to choose a higher existence for yourself in harmonic Resonance with your heart and with ease. ✨💫 SESSION SALE ENDS TOMORROW! If you’re ready to let go of those patterns and connections that are still showing up from an “unconscious” wound and hindering your highest potential, I’d be honored to be in service to help in clarifying the subconscious patterns still pulled to those connections/experiences and guiding you forward to rewrite them! Link in bio to book before my sale ends!!🪞
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