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October 3, 2022

It was a cold winter night: a little girl was sent out by her impoverished parents to sell matches on the last evening of the year. 🥶She is barefoot, for she had lost her slippers: one had gone missing, and the other one was stolen by a boy who says he will use it as a cradle for his own future children. The little girl couldn‘t sell any matches. Knowing that her father will beat her when she gets home, she begins to despair.This is a story of a little match girl.You’ve probably seen, heard, and read it a few times without knowing that this story conveys an important message of:Hope, gratitude, and kindness ❤️There are two essential elements to the storytelling model that provides value in making emotional connections:1. Stories should represent aspects of our lives that others can relate to2. Stories should provide insights into a potential problemOne of the most common problems women coaches experience is the inability to articulate their message in a way that makes their audience nod their heads and understand.The belief that we...💥Never really know what's going to speak to someone💥Think every person seems to appreciate different information when it comes to taking the next step... is the reason why many coaches feel stuck when it comes to describing their coaching business.When you place yourself in someone’s shoes and speak with a genuine and authentic voice, your audience is most likely to say YES to you.But if you lack understanding and empathy—if you can’t speak to their heart—they will say NO right off the bat the minute they land on your website or social media.Just Released!!! ✨Attract Clients Through Storytelling✨, a 5-week course that gives you the blueprint and framework on how to use storytelling in your business so you build the trust, authority, and consistency you need to grow your coaching business.⏰Link in BIO 👀*****#ElevateLifecoach #ipecchangedmylife #businesscoachforwomen #storytellingcoach #teambrave #attractclientsthroughstorytelling #visibilitycoach
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