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December 26, 2022

I have had exciting news this week. And I didn’t know if I’d share it here. But I decided I am happy and that is worthy of sharing. Mountains I’ve tackled have always been plural. They vary in size and ordeal. Some are lifelong. Some are temporary. We all have them in our life.One mountain I’ve been struggling with is a career change. This was a mountain I chose to undertake. I left a teaching career in 2017 and enrolled in an Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, which I finished in August 2019.Most people don’t know, I interviewed for an opportunity I was deeply excited about on April 6, 2018. I remember that date because the next day my sister died in a tragic accident. And my life became consumed with overwhelming loss. I forgot about that job for weeks. I never did follow up. But my priority was on grieving, healing, and deciding what I wanted in life. I didn’t know anymore what was the path for me. And I meandered a bit. I stayed frozen for about a year until I decided I deserved to pursue a life with purpose and took a risk by leaving a unfulfilling position.It’s been a strange path- especially with a pandemic that led me to Georgia-, but I believe it led me to where I needed to be. This week I was promoted to Director of Communications. And... would you believe it? It’s a remote job. I can wear sweatpants to work.We all have many obstacles in our life. In life, we have hurt alongside success. That is the way of life. But when we numb ourselves to the painful, we also numb ourselves to the wonderful. When we allow ourselves to feel and process the dark and heavy emotions, we can feel the light too. This way, we heal and we experience joy. And I am grateful. #RiseOverMountains
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