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December 15, 2022

I am well. While there have been periods where my absence is a self-healing withdraw from society. I tend to isolate when I’m grieving. But that is not the case here.Lately, my absence is due to settling into new routines. For 9 years, I lived alone. Living alone gave me plenty of quiet, free time to create, write, and engage here. But now I live with family, and I’m spending time with them. And I’m working more at my company, doing assignments that excite me.While I’m busy working and I’m spending time in new living routines, I am also engaging in activities that feed my spirit. I’m making time to have fun, to play, to enjoy my life in the moment. Something I hope you are also doing. This is me on Sunday, my birthday. I spent it with my parents, an opportunity I’ve not had in years. I spent it relishing the simple joys of life.We all could benefit from time to play: color, create, play wiffle ball, chase frogs. What have you done lately that is done simply out of enjoyment? #RiseOverMountains
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