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image  1 Nervous System + Trauma Support - There’s so many reasons why we resist change, but the biggest one
November 11, 2022

There’s so many reasons why we resist change, but the biggest one is that change is indicative of newness, or the unknown. The unknown triggers the Nervous system into a state of high alert because the Nervous systems sole job is protection and survival. The Nervous System doesn’t know how to keep you safe in a place it’s never been before, therefore it will always try to hold onto the past and communicate whatever signals or thoughts it needs to to try and keep you there for it’s sole purpose: to keep you safe.We also will feel resistance towards change if what we’re stepping into never felt safe for us before and has trauma associated with it. What I see showing up most with clients is that so many right now are trying to move closer to their authentic selves, but so much of our authentic Self hasn’t felt safe especially if we grew up in a household where emotions and expressions weren’t safe, our parents didn’t tend to our emotional needs, we were silenced, shushed, made fun of or bullied. It makes so much sense that now that you’re trying to access that most authentic Self in the biggest way, that those self-protective parts your inner child created out of a need for perceived safety will now rise back up and prevent you from stepping into more of you out of fear you’ll get hurt again or be abandoned, repressed or rejected just like you did back then.How we go about creating resolution is by identifying what inner child & self-protective parts are present. What states of the NS they’re being triggered into & how we can then accept and regulate appropriately to the age & part that’s showing up. ✨> > > This is THE ENTIRE PURPOSE of why I created my NERVOUS SYSTEM MENTORSHIP Program and what I hold space for in 1-on-1 sessions if you’re seeking more support, guidance, clarity, and tools to help you continue to embody a new identity & more of your wholeness while you walk through immense change. UP TO $170 OFF MY 30,60 or 90 1-on-1 SELF EMPOWERMENT SESSIONS END TOMORROW!! Link in bio to book yours or a free clarity call if you’re interested in my Understanding and Befriending your NS Mentorship Program. 🪞
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