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image  1 Nervous System + Trauma Support - The current
August 13, 2022

The current: freedom, fire, full self-expression, and burning down all that isn’t serving us. After all it is Leo season. ❤️‍🔥 The wild feminine is making herself known, rising from the depths which allows the masculine to rise into it’s ability to face and accept more of the full spectrum of creation, which we’ve been taught to fear. This is showing up both internally and collectively helping to form more union. Allowing anger and rage their rightful place in this realm and that they’re in service to us as a welcome form of expression. As we make peace with these parts internally we no longer fear them externally thus helping us merge into more Oneness. I’m seeing this period first really present around our teenage years and in myself and so many client sessions I’m seeing things from this period resurface for resolution and to clear this energy out of our field and being. SESSION SALE ENDS TONIGHT!!!30 min - $77 - $34 off60 min - $122 - $89 off90 min - $177 - $123 off These sessions are here to support you especially through rebirth and change 🪞✨ To help assist you in becoming conscious of and removing the subconscious patterns, barriers and self/protective parts that are blocking and hindering you from the magnitude of the power of your own love and divine healing energies and that are keeping you from moving forward.
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