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About Nervous System + Trauma Support
September 4, 2022

NEW DISCOUNTED NERVOUS SYSTEM SUPPORT OFFERING: ONLY 2 SPACES LEFT AVAILABLE at this price point! SALE ENDS SUNDAY! 🦋✨I wanted to create a container that could be a bit more affordable, but still offer so much support for you and it’s $200 OFF for 2 more days as an opening offering for 2 more people!! You’ll receive:- 3 60 min. weekly sessions- Outside support Mon., Tues., Wed. and Thursday from 9am-8pm MST- Around 250 pages of supplemental information and practices to support your continued understanding within and outside of our Mentorship container - 40 + pages of Journal Prompts, Practices, worksheets to continue further Nervous System self/discovery - Nervous System Mapping, identifying your baseline, your Window of Tolerance, and Polyvagal ladderlink in bio to book your free clarity call if you’re truly interested in one of these spaces to be deeply supported! 🪞These Mentorships can be incredibly supportive and life changing for you if:-you’re seeking support as you navigate immense change- you’re stuck in chronic stress, dysregulation, anxiety, panic, disassociation or shutdown- you find yourself continuously repeating cycles and reliving the same life everyday- you feel stuck or that it’s hard to move forward- you feel afraid to feel your emotions, thoughts and to express yourself - you often become frozen or paralyzed - you have a strong desire for change and are ready to do the work to create new patterns- you are looking for someone to walk through immense change with you - you’re ready to create a new life for yourself And step off of old cycles- you’re ready to return to your body, receive your intuition and feel life flowing through you again- you long to reclaim your power, your voice, your being and your authentic truth✨💫
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