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image  1 Nervous System + Trauma Support - FINAL SALE OF THE YEAR up to 60% off Mentorships and Sessions beca
January 1, 2023

FINAL SALE OF THE YEAR up to 60% off Mentorships and Sessions because I’m so dang grateful for you all ❤️🪞CURRENT DISCOUNTED OFFERINGS: 1. $111 for a 60 min Soul Empowerment session - limit 1 per client at this price point2. 3 60 min. Soul Empowerment Sessions for $444 - $255 OFF3. 3 week Nervous System Mentorship for $611 - $500 OFF4. 6 week Nervous System Mentorship for $1,111 - $1,222 OFFAll of these offerings help to support:- identifying your core subconscious patterning- your self-protective parts - these are parts that are trying to keep you safe based off of perceived threats, especially perceived threats form your past your subconscious may not know are actually over with. Our self - protective parts are often what I hear many refer to as self-sabotage- coping mechanisms or the ways in which your Nervous System felt it was safest to cope and try to regulate or disconnect from the Self when it experienced a stressor or the Self didn’t feel safe- how to see your self-protective parts and bring them the safety they need to stop protecting you - guidance as to how to support your Nervous System moving forward to help you get to where you desire to be- reframing and lots of new awareness ✨All sales begin now and end on the 27th! You can book your sessions at the LINK IN MY BIO and if you’re interested in deeper and more intimate Nervous System, trauma, inner child/shadow work, there’s FREE clarity calls for my Mentorship available to see if it resonates with you!
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