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image  1 Michelle Kuei | Visibility & Marketing coach - It was the week before Christmas, and Sarah was frant
December 2, 2022

It was the week before Christmas, and Sarah was frantically trying to come up with ideas for gifts for her family and friends. 🎄She had already gone through all of her usual go-to options, and she wanted to avoid buying more stuff that would end up collecting dust in people's homes. She thought about getting gift certificates for massages or spa treatments, but she wanted to know if her loved ones would actually use them. That’s when she remembered that one of her friends had recently started coaching and seemed really happy with it. 💡Sarah decided to get her friend a gift certificate for coaching sessions. Now, this might sound like a coach's dream come true... Because, at the end of the day, a sale is a sale. (Annnd, you get to help more people.) But if you think about it, Sarah never thought about buying a gift certificate before...until she heard about it from someone else... The reality is: ⚠ People are generally skeptical about what coaching can do for themselves, let alone their close friends and fam. ⚠️ If they do know about coaching services like this, it's not usually top of mind OR they don't even know it's an option. In this episode of Make It Visible podcast, I talk about the common mistakes that coaches are making during the holiday promo time + 3 gift ideas that will grow and scale your coaching business: a better way of marketing and promo your coaching business! ✨Check the link in my bio under the "Latest Episode from Make It Visible" Podcast!
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