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About Michelle Kuei | Visibility Coach & Motivational Speaker
image  1 Michelle Kuei | Visibility Coach & Motivational Speaker - Los Angeles
September 21, 2022

⏰ TIME IS TICKING!!!! ⏰Do you still struggle to market your coaching business and get clients? 😬👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼 http://yes.attractclientsthroughstorytelling.comIn the last few weeks, you’ve heard me talk about how I’ve been working behind the scenes for my NEW, UPDATED, and IMPROVED course: ATTRACT CLIENTS THROUGH STORYTELLING! 🎉This course is basically a complete BRAIN DUMP of everything I know and teach my women coaches to grow a visible coaching business with authentic marketing strategy through storytelling.This means...✅ No longer sending spammy messages to strangers✅ No more just *hoping* that someone will click to buy✅ No more chasing after people✨ Only building relationships and creating conversations that attract client prospects naturally to you.If you...📍Already have a niche but feel disconnected from your messaging📍Tried everything else others have told you to do but with little results📍Feel discouraged and doubt your coaching skills because you haven’t gotten any clients📍Have trouble finding the right words to describe how you can helpIf you’re nodding your head right now, I’ve got great news for you! ⬇️I invite you to join me for a ✨FREE✨ Masterclass where I teach you my easy-to-master 5-step roadmap in creating conversations that will have your ideal clients saying “YES” before you even say “Hello!” 🤩Yup! Totally FREE...BUT you’ll have to hurry because, after this week, I will launch my ATTRACT CLIENTS THROUGH STORYTELLING Course, and this Masterclass will go away...👀In this masterclass, I will teach you....✅ An easy-to-master 5-step roadmap to grow a coaching business you LOVE and be the magnet that attracts your perfect clients who are perfectly aligned with you and your business.✅ How to communicate in a way that resonates with your audience and gets people to stop scrolling and pay attention to you.✅ How to develop your visibility while building trust, authority, and a community of raving fans.🚨This Masterclass begins September 26.🚨Ready to launch, grow, and scale your dream business while building a meaningful life you're proud to step into each morning?Grab your seat now! ❤️ LINK IN BIO
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