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August 31, 2022

I used to think everything had to be PERFECT before I could put myself out there!Can you relate? ✋I'd look at successful coaches who are ahead of me and think:I could never be as accomplished as they are. Or sometimes, I don’t believe I’m moving fast enough. And I'd compare my business to theirs. 🤦🏻‍♀️Can I just say that these are common limiting beliefs that need redirecting?💥 First of all, I didn't even consider all the hard work that got them there...the mistakes they made, the failures they overcame, and the fears they faced.Plus, my business doesn't have to look like anyone else's.In fact, it shouldn't! I am UNIQUE, and so are you! 🥂✨ When you stop looking at what others are doing and listen to your inner goddess, you'll feel more confident in your progress and celebrate your journey. ✨Next time you slip and compare yourself to someone else, remember:Those thoughts have no place in your life. You are amazing at what you do. Let the REAL YOU shine through...that's your brand, remember?“Scrappy is the New Perfect!”Tell me, what’s something you’ve been working on but being a perfectionist got in the way?🤔*****#trustyourintuition #everydayisanewday #womenofcolorentrepreneurs #brandingstrategist #motivatedwomen #storytellingmarketing #visibilitycoach #attractclientsthroughstorytelling #teambrave
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