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image  1 Michelle Kuei | Visibility Coach & Motivational Speaker - Hey y’all
September 24, 2022

Hey y’all! 👋 ⏰ This is your LAST CALL to join me in my ✨FREE✨ Masterclass coming up next week on Monday, September 26. I’m closing this registration in the next 24 hours as I get ready to launch my 5-week program.So if you’ve been contemplating on whether to jump on the bandwagon with me on this, I have something to share with you...Once upon a time...I was just like you...A few years ago, my heart felt aches and pains when I tried to grow my coaching business. My biggest struggle?💥 *How to get more clients! 💥I operated my business entirely under a HOPE strategy...👎 Hopefully someone will sign up👎 Hopefully I would hear back from them👎 Hopefully they’ll come to my free webinarIt took me YEARS to figure out how to share my story with the world that resonated with my audience, got them to feel excited, and built a community of super fans.When I discovered the magic that I bring into the way I connect and get clients with storytelling, my business instantly went from making just $1,800 for 3 months to making 5-figures PER month.And I can show you EXACTLY how to get similar results....Now, just to make it clear that while I can teach you this strategy of how to get clients with storytelling, I can not guarantee the numbers to be the same. 😬But what I CAN guarantee is that IF you put in your time and effort and follow through with all the steps, I’m teaching you, you will save time... and your sanity... to apply and repeat and accelerate your growth.👉 My mission is to help you reach your mountaintops, one courageous step at a time...There is a Unicorn in your coaching business, and that Unicorn is YOU!Your beautiful story is the key to attracting potential clients and getting them to say “YES” before you even say “Hello.”If you’re like me, I was tired of just *hoping* to have a successful business. I’ll be closing this ✨FREE✨ masterclass very soon so I can work on the final stage of my 5-week ATTRACT CLIENTS THROUGH STORYTELLING course. I’ll tell you more about that during the Masterclass. 👀See you in Class? Sign up here: 🥳
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