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image  1 Does it feel like you’re in the depths of a pattern you’ve known for so long right now
February 16, 2023

Does it feel like you’re in the depths of a pattern you’ve known for so long right now? Maybe feeling like you just can’t set yourself free from something and it’s feeling harder than it ever has before? That’s because often we have to go back, I mean all of the way back to go forward. We have to revisit the place inside of us where we initially learned to self-protect, to cope, to repress a part of our self, to alter our self as a way to feel safe so that we could survive in order to finally bring this part of us into energetic resolution, back into zero point neutrality, back into harmony, back into the present. So if things feel incredibly deep, emotional and visceral for you right now or if they have the past couple of years, this is why. The energy is so incredibly supportive for the deepest lineage and ancestral work. Of a complete dismantling of our foundations that weren’t built on our sovereignty and empowerment, but instead off of survival and fear which is the state where are in in childhood, we’re below consciousness and can’t process creation from a conscious level. This current energy is so fertile for immaculate upheaval and transformation of your identity on every level(I dive into this all a great deal on any of my podcast episodes from this year). Just keep offering your parts so much love and compassion for holding on so tightly to what they’ve always known to keep you safe and also remind them there’s so many new ways available for them to not only survive but to thrive now. I believe in you. You deserve to know safety. All of your parts are seen and so so welcome here and everywhere. 🪞✨> > > My 3, 6 and 9 week Nervous System mentorships are currently 55$ OFF until my birthday on SUNDAY to help support you as we begin this new yearly cycle! FREE clarity calls are available at the link in my bio or you can reserve one of the last available spots!🦋✨
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