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image  1 Do you have any just-for-fun routines
April 2, 2023

Do you have any just-for-fun routines? 🤸🏽Honestly, other than beer-cigar-loud-rap-music-pool-parties at my home, as a bachelor, with the only guests being me and my dogs, or golf around that same time, I’ve not had many, if any, just-for-fun routines. And I don’t think I’ve been alone, as our western culture has been so driven by the unstated commandment to be productive, disciplined, and busy. It took having a daughter to learn the importance and appreciate the role of routines in our lives – for her own structured development & confidence. And best of all, for years now, she’s invented and clung to a few of her own (that include me!)... like her biking (and me running) to a local park most weekends, followed by a visit to Panera Bread, Friday nights at Noodles & Company, followed by Barnes & Noble, and long-term ones like holiday family reunions, or, brand new for us, winter snow skiing.One of the unexpected perks of the recurrence of routines is always having something to look forward to.I know this is a simple message, but as life-priorities continue to be rearranged in these wild times, making the effort to invent and schedule things to do just for the fun of it, has quickly risen to be among my faves.Have fun planning!#mikedooley #notesfromtheuniverse #havemorefun
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