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October 8, 2022

David Meltzer, Multi-Millionaire Co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing and former CEO of Leigh Steinberg, delivers on of the Best Motivational Speeches on Kindness.
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We travelled to Orange County LA to exclusively interview and film David Meltzer in his hometown. David Meltzer is the Co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing and formerly served as CEO of the renowned Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment agency, which was the inspiration for the movie Jerry Maguire. He built a company in a few short years worth BILLIONS of dollars and at one point was worth over 100 million dollars personally. His life’s mission is to empower OVER 1 BILLION people to be happy! This simple yet powerful mission has led him on an incredible journey to provide one thing: VALUE. In all his content and communication that’s exactly what you’ll receive.

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