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January 17, 2023

Acceptance/Self-acceptance is one of the number 1 ways we can bring safety to our Nervous System. We’re not here to change ourselves, but to allow ourselves the freedom of expression to be all that we are, then we effortlessly flow into change 🙏🏼 > > > 55% OFF my 3 week NERVOUS SYSTEM MENTORSHIP PROGRAM ENDS On my birthday this Sunday!! - For only 3 more people this mentorship is ONLY $555 instead of $1,111. I will also be no longer offering my 3 week program after Sunday, only 6 and 9 week mentorships🦋 link in bio to book your free clarity call or purchase and reserve your spot 🪞✨THIS 3 WEEK PROGRAM INCLUDES:- 3 60 min. weekly sessions- Unlimited support Mon - Thurs outside of our sessions- 250+ pages of educational material, awareness, and practices to support your continued understanding within and outside of our Mentorship container- 40+ pages of Journal Prompts and worksheets to continue further Nervous System self-discovery and to track your regulation practices including awareness on Nervous System Mapping, identifying your baseline, your Window of Tolerance, and Polyvagal ladderThese Mentorships are an intimate journey together where I’ll help you return to and access more of your totality and wholeness. We’ll be revealing deeply held lineage patterns, subconscious programming, outdated belief systems, and most importantly the ways in which your inner child may still feel emotionally neglected based off of a lack of attunement at the time and is still self-protecting, your unique and innate physiological responses, the states of the nervous system and what those look and feel like for you specifically, we’ll begin to discuss your Window of tolerance, teach you how to discover your baseline, map your Emotions/responses, teach you infinite tools to regulate both with others and within the Self based on your states, help you reclaim your sovereign identities and SO MUCH more!! ⚡️You can book a FREE CLARITY CALL at the link in my bio or purchase immediately! Your call must be booked by tonight to receive this price point 🦋✨
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